Primrose Insurance

Focused. Invested. Committed.

We are not a retail broker of personal insurance products. We put 100% of our attention to understanding and to addressing the complex and specialized insurance requirements of First Nations and Metis communities and their business entities.

As a First Nations owned entity we have a keen interest in supporting the growth, stability and success of our clients. To us, that means assisting them in building capacity and being of service however we can. Our link to industry resources, access to insurance markets and our wide network of professionals are valuable assets to our ability to address the specialized, changing and growing needs of our clients.

Our Motivation

Today more and more First Nations and Aboriginal organizations are reaching new heights of success, experiencing growth, investing in infrastructure, building wealth and capital assets, and expanding their workforce. During this time, it is increasingly important that these communities and entities become actively involved in managing their risk and protecting their assets. Primrose Insurance Brokers and our partners understand and appreciate the challenges, the needs and the experiences of our client-base first hand. We are committed to assisting First Nations and Metis communities  and businesses to grow their capacity and to become further engaged in managing risk and protecting their most valuable assets – property, community infrastructure, administration, employees, families, membership, board of directors, etc. and managing risk. We are here to help.