Primrose Insurance - Group Pensions & Benefits

Helping you protect your most valuable assets – your people.

We provide Group Pension Plans and Group Benefit Insurance to First Nations and Metis communities and entities. We never lose sight of the fact that the issues and considerations that come into play when working with pensions and benefits are personal. While many “corporate” factors must be looked at, sildenafil data reviewed and decisions made – at the end of the day it is about working with our clients to help them protect their most valuable assets, their employees and their employees’ families.

We are committed to working with and empowering our clients’ plan administrators by providing on-going training and support. We engage with these administrators to assist them in understanding their plans and reports, working through applications and funding processes, provide them with the support and tools (including providing employee information sessions) to assist their employees in understanding the details of their plan or how to submit a claim. We are responsive to any issues or areas of concern that may be identified.

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Group Benefits Insurance

We specialize in designing programs that wrap around NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits) in providing coverage for status employees. However, we also understand that there are many variables that come into play and that each employee group is made up a many types of individuals, with many backgrounds, family-types, and needs. Whether your employees are Status, Non-Status or Non-Aboriginal, have a blended family (ie, Status with Non-Status spouse or Status with Non-Status children or any other variation) or other distinctions that come into play in determining their coverage requirements, we can handle it.

Primrose Insurance Brokers offers the TIPI Group Benefit Insurance plan. Coverages include:

  • Life
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Dependant Life
  • Short Tem Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Health & Drugs
  • Dental (Basic, Major, Orthodontic)
  • Vision Care

The TIPI Group Insurance plan covers prescription drugs prescribed by your doctor that are not eligible for coverage under the NIHB Program. This integration with the NIHB Program minimizes costs for the Treaty Status employee as it takes into consideration the coverage that the Treaty Status employee currently has with NIHB and only covers the expenses that the NIHB Program does not.

Group Pension Plan

Primrose Insurance Brokers has access to a variety of insurance providers. We are a member of the National Network of First Nations Owned Insurance Brokerages and a distributor of the TIPI Pension Plan product which is designed to specifically suit our Aboriginal customers’ needs.

TIPI Institutional Pension Plan

TIPI’s Institutional Pension Plan, designed exclusively by and for First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Aboriginal organizations, offers an alternative to the unwarranted, needless extraction of wealth from our communities to outside influences.

Joining together…

The creation of TIPI (TWCC Insurance Partners LP) fulfills the dream of a single, national pension and benefits plan for First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Aboriginal organizations. It holds the potential to bring together more than 500 separate plans currently scattered across Canada into a single, Institutional-type pension plan.

Lowering costs…

Combining our pension assets into a single plan dramatically lowers the fees charged to your pension accounts. Lower fees mean more money for you, your family, your community, and for all Indigenous participants. More wealth means stronger communities and more self-sufficient Aboriginal People. And it gets better. As more join us, our fees get lower and lower, benefiting everyone! Through economies of scale, the TIPI Plan can forgo expensive retail products by moving directly into the low-cost, Institutional pension and benefits world—an advantageous position that’s existed for other Canadians for generations.

Creating jobs…

TIPI allows for the creation of many jobs for Aboriginal people—jobs that are currently being performed by others in major centres. TIPI’s vision is to halt the extraction of wealth from our communities and to create sustained and meaningful local employment.

Keeping traditional values alive!

TIPI is raising the bar with ethics based on honesty, openness, social responsibility, and regard for the well-being of our People. By working together in solidarity, we will have a stronger voice and greater influence on our own destiny. We are creating new business models that hold more than the financial bottom-line as valuable. The time has come for us to incorporate traditional practices of communal regard and sharing in an exciting new venture!