Primrose Insurance - How we do it

The Benefits of Protecting Your Assets

Protect your assets: employees, property, infrastructure, administration, business, board of directors, community, etc. When your assets are properly protected you gain:

  • security and protection
  • peace of mind
  • a safety net
  • the ability to manage and minimize risk
  • loss prevention

We Aim To Make A Difference

Our customer service model kicks in even before our clients become our clients. We invest time and energy up front to get to know you and the scope of your operations. We take you through the application process and provide support to your team to make it as uncomplicated as possible. Once we have issued a policy, our commitment to customer service doesn’t stop there. We interact and engage with our clients regularly throughout the policy term, answering questions, offering tools and resources and staying connected.

We are committed to explore and assist those we work with to discover options for protecting their most valuable assets. We do this by way of information sharing, accessing partner resources available to us to respond to queries and concerns and being on the ground where you live and do business. We believe that doing this is paramount to doing good, sustainable and valuable business. Rest assured, we have access to a wide variety of insurance markets and programs and are always looking at ways to offer solutions that meet our clients needs. However, beyond being an insurance provider, we see our job as empowering you to make sound business decisions based on good information and sound advice.

A Team Approach

With our head office located in Cold Lake First Nations, we have a number of trained and experienced field-oriented insurance brokers that provide client service throughout Alberta. Our agents will work together with you to assess your needs, ensure you have the best insurance solutions. We have a large team behind our agents to make sure you have access to the markets and resources and to the service you need and deserve.